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Swedenborg for a Time Between Worlds With Rich Tafel Podcast

Guest Discussion on The Integral Stage Podcast

In SWEDENBORG FOR A TIME BETWEEN WORLDS, Layman meets again with political advisor and pastor, Rich Tafel, this time to discuss Rich’s deep personal and family connections to the Christian mystical visionary, Emanuel Swedenborg; the proto-integral nature of some of Swedenborg’s teachings; the wedding of mysticism and social engagement, and the ways that Rich has tried to realize this in his own life; the challenges of working within what appears to be a dying lineage; drawing on the gifts of tradition while facing an open and ambiguous religious future; how the inner practices and experiences of his Swedenborgian path have sustained him and helped him to deal with the shortcomings and disappointments of mainstream Christendom; and much more. Rich Tafel is a transformative leader in the areas of faith, politics and social impact.

As the Managing Director of Raffa Social Capital Advisors he matches impact investors to vetted social ventures. Partnering with investors his team provides back office support, public policy and strategic coaching to social ventures. Rich is also the Director of the American Project a new Democracy Fund supported effort to bring together leading thinkers to imagine new solutions to America’s broken political system. The project is housed at Pepperdine School of Public Policy. Tafel is also pastor of Church of the Holy City in Washington DC, where he is launching a spiritual entrepreneur hub. Tafel is the founder of Log Cabin Republicans. Before moving to Washington DC, Tafel was Adolescent Health Director for the State of MA and served as Assistant Minister at Harvard’s Chapel.

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