We’re committed to your safety, ours and that of our guest. There’s at least 24 hours between bookings to ensure that there is ample time for cleaning and ventilating the spaces. Many production organizations bring their cleaning crews, and we welcome this practice.

Historic Dupont Sanctuary

The sanctuary is a place where you can feel at peace and yet it is an awesome venue for media production. The jaw-dropping ambiance will surely make any occasion a memorable one. The building features a beautiful carved stone exterior on its world-class architecture while it also contains stained glass windows produced by top studios Lamb & Tiffany to illustrate Bible stories from Genesis all the way up until Revelation in their aesthetically pleasing Gothic style which adds beauty and richness into this space.

The stained glass windows are the most notable feature of The Church of Holy City. It lets in plenty of natural light. Great care was given to ensure that each window reflected a theme related to its location inside or outside the church building.

The pews and aisle make a grand entrance while it boasts high stone walls and embellished wood beams, creating an incredibly natural acoustic setting.

Pendant lights hang overhead for nighttime events.

Capacity: 150 People

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Historic Dupont Chapel

A dramatic spiral staircase and the 2-tone brick walls captivate you while heading up to the chapel. Inside you will find a high ceiling accentuated by dark wooden beams. The overhead ceiling fans help cool the venue during warm days, likewise the tall windows upfront and on one side. Windows open will give you a mix of two eras in 1 space (old & new).

NOTE: The space has cooling and heating capabilities (i.e., air conditioning and heater).

Spacious, yet favorable for smaller production or on-location photo shoots. A stage and pulpit are ready for any speaking engagement. An upright piano is readily available.

In the evening, round crystal light fixtures showcase this venue, giving it an amazing ambiance.

Virtual sharing is encouraged in the space, and social distancing is practiced.

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Historic Dupont Library

The library is a suitable space where you can hold media production, lectures, meetings, book clubs, classes and other celebrations. The interior has a modern vibe with its dark wood beams on the ceiling and light-colored walls.

Cozy yet functional with a wood-burning fireplace to keep you warm on those cold, winter days. It conveniently connects to the parlor next door for added space.

Virtual sharing is encouraged in the space, and social distance is practiced. It will be great to host your group and see what you create!

Capacity: 10 People

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Historic Dupont Parlor

Next to the library is the parlor. A well-appointed space perfect for any occasion. Carpet accents sprawl on the wood floors. Tables and chairs are available.

You are welcome to use the grand piano for a recital, background music, music video and more.

Whether it’s for your media production, community interaction, ceremony, meeting, book club, celebration, the parlor is a perfect venue.

Virtual sharing is encouraged while social distancing is practiced. We are excited to host your group and to see what you create in our space!

20 People

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Holy City Gallery

The gallery is a multi-purpose space and may be utilized for various occasion or social activity. It can hold media production, community gatherings, ceremonies, classes, meetings, book clubs, and celebrations.

The dark, hard wood floors make it durable from traffic while the hanging light fixtures is a feature for early evening to night time events.

We practice social distancing and invite virtual sharing. It will be a pleasure to host your group and see what you create!

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