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Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Church of the Holy City seeks to become the capital’s first spiritual entrepreneur incubator hub.
Our vision is to create a space where spiritual leaders seeking to bring heaven to earth through transforming
organizations will be able to obtain office space, mentoring, coaching and investment.

Our vision is to work both with spiritual leaders launching their own enterprise and also be resource for
business leaders seeking to develop their own spiritual life. Our work is not denomination or religion specific
and is open to all faith paths seeking to do good in the world.

If you are an entrepreneur with a spiritual motivation or a person who is following their
greater Purpose but needs help with the business plan, financing and strategy then we can help.

Why Are We The Best?

We offer training to spiritual entrepreneurs through coaching and strategy sessions.
We are also able to offer below market office rentals depending on need and availability
In addition, we are able to prepare entrepreneurs for their pitch to potential investors and donors.
Many spiritual entrepreneurs seeking to transform the world lack the skills to change public policy. We offer strategic advice in this area as well.
Most spiritual entrepreneurs lack the critical accounting and back office skills necessary to run a successful organization. If that’s you, we partner with firms to help provide these services.
We are not limited to any particular spiritual path in who we support. Our faith teaches us that all faith paths are good. 


Planning Your Enterprise

To effect change in the world one needs a way to develop interconnections.


Developing the Spiritual Life

The Aim  of each Human Being is to Live a Life Fulfilled.


Formulating Financial Strategies

Every business venture must incorporate a teamwork to enable  opportunities.

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