Our Minister

Our Minister

Reverend Richard L. Tafel serves as the minister at Church of the Holy City.  With an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and a graduate degree in Theology from Harvard University, Tafel is ordained and his first job was as Assistant Minister of Harvard University’s Memorial Church.

Realizing that social change agents too often lacked the strategy and funding to have large impact, he began working in the policy arena first as the Director of Adolescent Health at the MA Dept. of Public Health. Tafel then went on to launch the Log Cabin Republicans in an effort to bridge the gap between the conservative and gay community in America. He was one of America’s earliest political activists campaigning for gay marriage. In 1999, he wrote Party Crasher (published by Simon Schuster) offering a new inclusive vision for American politics.

With his knowledge of politics and vision for social change, he launched his first company that helped nonprofits engage in public policy. He worked domestically with College Summit on access for low-income students to college. In addition, he created the global strategy for AIDS Responsibility Project that helped facilitate the delivery of AIDS drugs to Africa. In addition, they worked with Brazil, Mexico and Jamaica on ending HIV/AIDS discrimination.

His proudest achievements are taking a lead in the 1980’s as a leader in the battle against AIDS, LGBT rights and the effort to support African countries suffering through the AIDS epidemic. Tafel has spent the last four years leading conclaves to address the growing hyper partisanship in our culture. He is a frequent commentator on politics on TV.

  • Harvard University:  Philosophy & Theology
  • Director of Adolescent Health
  • Launched the Log Cabin Republicans
  • Created Global Strategy for AIDS Responsibility Project
  • Frequent TV Commentator

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Rev. Richard L. Tafel
Rev. Richard L. TafelTheologian | Political Strategist

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Founder of Public Squared, a training program for non-profits .
  • Business Management
  • Global Market Navigation
  • Financial Strategies
  • Faith Inspired Social Programs
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