What is the Importance of Dreams?

What is the Importance of Dreams?


Conversations on Race:
Helping Each Other Along the Path

May 10, 7 pm ET

Join our denomination's Swedenborgians in Action Against Racism group for a one-off evening Zoom program aimed at helping us all navigate talking about race and racial justice with our families, friends, and co-workers. Such conversations can often feel overwhelming and fraught, but like with many things, practice, familiarity, and knowledge help. Participants will gather together for a brief introduction and then self-select into the following discussion groups according to interest.

  • Unpacking Microaggressions: how some comments and questions land, and why they are so harmful.
  • Sorry, not sorry: how to apologize in a healing fashion, either immediately or way after the offense.
  • Actually, some questions are stupid and that’s okay: a safe place to ask what you’ve been afraid to say.*
  • Conversational Techniques: how to preserve civility and keep the peace without backing down, and how to rebound if hostility prevails.
  • The Vocabulary of Social Justice: what are you talking about?

*We invite those registering for this discussion topic, and any others who would like to participate, to use this link to submit a question you would like to ask. 

Click this link to register. for the program by May 8th.
Questions? Email Central Office at manager@swedenborg.org or call (617) 969-4240 M-F 12pm ET to 4 pm ET.

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Scott Smith's New Book
Church member, Scott Smith's book came out describing a step-by-step process for our government to replace the current tax system with a more equitable way to support those at economic levels.

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