The Zone Between Science and Religion with Bethany Quinn

This Sunday: The Zone Between Science and Religion with Bethany Quinn

This summer, members of our community are taking a lead with CHC Sunday worship services. 

On Sunday Bethany Quinn will guide us in a conversation on the overlap of science and religion, reincarnation, and how to get out of languishing. 

About Bethany: Bethany Quinn is a fractional CEO, a serial entrepreneur, and a passionate advocate for change. She works with companies of all sizes on strategy, business development, and a little bit of a lot of other things. 

Bethany has an M.B.A. from Johns Hopkins University with a focus on entrepreneurship and finance and a B.A. from the University of Miami with a major in Latin American Studies. She studied abroad in Panama, Brazil, and Chile. In the decade between her degrees, she worked for a union on legislation and corporate campaigns, working on everything from the Affordable Care Act to immigration reform to private equity firm engagement.

She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and is learning Dutch, loves to cook and travel, and (outside of the pandemic) is an avid karaoke fan.

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Recap of Last Week

Last week we had a great discussion with Shalonda Ingram on the history and intersectionality of the Juneteenth Freedom Day, the New Church Day and Father's Day. 

Here is one point of reflection during the discussion that we would invite you to consider:

Have we arrived at our vision of the New Church, or are we still a "work in progress"? If the latter, what needs to happen, either individually or collectively, to get us to that next level of consciousness.

Please share your thoughts and ideas with us! A link to Shalonda's power point can be found here.

Some of you had also asked where to find past sermons. As a helpful reminder, sermons are posted on our website and the YouTube Channel, with excerpts posted on our Facebook page. 

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A Celebration fo Wellness: AcuYin

Yin Yoga + Acupuncture

We're honored to host Beth Wolfe Yoga at the Church of the Holy City for a unique experience combining the benefits of acupuncture and yin yoga.

We invite the DC-based church members to click the link below for more information, and to register for this wellness event:

What: AcuYin: Yin Yoga and Acupuncture

Date: Sun, June 26, 2022

Time: 6:00 – 7:30 PM EDT

Location: Church of the Holy City, 1611 16th Street Northwest

Washington, DC 20009

Cost: $50

Register: AcuYin: Yin Yoga + Acupuncture

7 Habits of Gen Z Your Church Is Probably Ignoring

As you may have heard, our Church community is being much more intentional about supporting young people through spiritual resilience tools, coaching and mentoring. After hearing Rich's sermon on the subject, one of our readers send the following note, that we thought would be helpful for everyone to read and reflect on:


Hi Rich, 

Gen Z is a little...different. And I don't mean that in a bad way.

Unfortunately, the church seems to be flat-out ignoring some of the unique characteristics of Gen Z. In today's post, Dillon Smith, a 23-year-old member of Gen Z, shares 7 habits of his generation that churches ignore at their own peril.

Cheering for you!

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Readings for This Sunday:

From Life Before Life by Jim B. Tucker, MD:

"Life Before Life will describe the cases researchers have collected that suggest that some people can survive death and be reborn into another life... Life Before Life is therefore analytical rather than emotional or religious. I will not try to convince you that these cases prove that reincarnation occurs, to promote a theory.

Instead, I will present the cases so that you can assess them and reach your own conclusions about what they mean...These cases are not about 'proof,' they are about evidence. Since this work has taken place in the messy real world rather than a tightly controlled laboratory, proof is not possible. This is often the case in science and medicine.

For example, many medications are judged to be helpful, because evidence indicates that they work even though they have not been absolutely proven to do so. Our work also involves an area, the possibility of life after death, that does not lend itself to being researched. Some people even say that researchers should not try to study the subject of life after death scientifically since it is so far removed from usual empirical areas of investigation.

Nevertheless, there is no bigger question in the world than whether we can survive death..."

Prayer by Rev. M Barclay, Enfleshed:

God is…

God is the thing that rises within us when we feel our worth.

She is that ball of feelings in the stomach right before doing something brave and terrifying.

They are the choice to lay down our privileges for one another.

God is friendship.

She is the quiet of a morning fresh with snow.

They are an authentic apology.

God is grassroots organizing from the fringes.

She is a good story.

They are the feeling of bringing orgasmic pleasure to someone else.

God is the courage to be broken open by grief.

She is a child too lost in momentary wonder to hear her parent’s instruction.

They are a change of heart that follows with change of behavior.

God is the way the sun reflects off the ocean like glitter.

She is peace with one’s own body.

They are the thing that happens in a room when vulnerability is practiced together.

God is the practice of audacity before a dominant power.

She is the moment someone decides to live.

They are every glimpse of future flourishing sparked by the imagination.

God is profoundly mysterious and wildly unpredictable.

But also, so ordinary and simple.

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