Celebrating Freedom Day & New Church Day with Shalonda Ingram

This Sunday: A Conversation on Freedom, Dignity and Resilience with Shalonda Ingram

This summer, members of our community are taking a lead with CHC Sunday worship services. This week Shalonda Ingram will lead a joint celebration of Juneteenth, New Church Day and Father's Day! Join us for this exploration of intersections of freedom, dignity resilience.

About Shalonda: Shalonda Ingram specializes in elevating community, business development, and creating impactful strategies. Shalonda intersects expertise in place-making, belonging & inclusion training, spiritual entrepreneurship, digital platforms, and the arts. Shalonda is committed to elevating awareness of underutilized space, hosting dialogue that empowers, implementing system based transformation and leveraging assets for unique outcomes.

Organizations partner with Shalonda to turn ideas into reality, establish their strategy in an ongoing relationship, and discover how to elevate diverse voices at all levels to scale.

To date Shalonda’s efforts have been acknowledged by a range of entities: AmeriCorp St. Louis, US Chamber of Commerce Youth Entrepreneurship, Alliance for Artists Communities Leadership Institute, the Port of Oakland Community Advisory Board, the New York Innovative Theater Awards, and others.

Shalonda is nomadic and has established home-bases throughout North America, including Rochester, New York, Washington DC, SF Bay Area and Saint Louis.

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Recap of Last Week

Last week we had a great discussion with Jason Bellini about what helped develop his own spiritual biography. Jason quoted mystic Thomas Merton in stressing the need to let go of the desire to know we are always having an impact with acts of goodness, and trust that if we do our part, God can work through this.

One of the notable questions from Natasha in the discussion asked where Jason gets the courage to travel as a journalist in war zones, to which he replied that, much like a fireman who runs into a burning building, the journalist must take risks and go into dangerous situations to share with viewers important stories.

He also shared how a few key mentors in his life made all of the difference. As you watch a recording of this gathering on our YouTube site, we invite you to ask yourself, "Who am I mentoring?"

CHC YouTube Page 

Congratulations to the Newlyweds!

Give a shout-out to Tony and Taylor Raffa who tied the knot last weekend! Rev. Rich Tafel officiated the wedding ceremony.

We're waiting for those wedding photos, you guys!

Dr. Peck celebrates his 60th Class Reunion

Did you hear? Church of the Holy City Patriarch and Vice President Dr. Malcolm Peck recently celebrated his 60th class reunion (a year late!)

Above: Malcolm is standing in Harvard's Memorial Church for the memorial service. This is the same church where Rev. Rich Tafel served as the Assistant Minister from 1988-1991.

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If you haven't done so already, we invite you to tune into our Spiritual Resilience podcast on Spotify, Apple Music and Stitcher, where we are repurposing our Sunday messages that focus on building spiritual resilience. 

This is also an opportunity to start the conversation with your family, colleagues, and friends who need to hear this important message. 

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