Spiritual Resilience in Practice

This Sunday: Spiritual Resilience in Practice

With Nikiar Ahmadi

This summer, members of our community will take a lead with guiding Sunday worship.

This week our Board Member Nikiar Ahmadi will deepen our understanding of spiritual resilience by sharing how it shows up in his own life. 

Join us and bring your stories of resilience in crisis!

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Recap of Last Week

Last week CHC President Annabel Park on lessons learned from the Tower of Babel story and what it means for our own deeply-polarized country and world. Her message created the foundation for a great discussion.

Thanks for the feedback to Rev. Tafel's comments on the issue of school shootings. He plans to produce a longer piece to address questions raised.

Full topic discussion will become available on: www.holycitydc.org!

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Remembering Terrence Brown

We will continue to pray for resilience, faith and unity as communities grieve this incredible loss of Terrence Brown (pictured above with Rich Tafel). Terrence has been a dear colleague, and friend to countless artisans in the Washington DC area and worldwide.

The memorial services for Terrence Brown details:

Friday June 3, 2022

Viewing 10- 11am | Service 11am-1pm

Location: Ebenezer Church of God

7550 Buchanan Street, Landover Hills, MD 20784

As the Founder of TEBJR (tebjrproduction.com) and Co-Founder of TTJ Productions, Terrence produced experiences for a diverse range of audiences. He served as advising catalyst to Shalonda Ingram in the development of our unique rental place-making program at CHC.

We shared a musical tribute to Terrence Brown & many who've passed below:

Tribute to Terrence Brown & Many Who've Passed

By The Pocket Band


Spend More Time

By Murpheous Clay


CHC Members Join Forces with to Support DC Youth Through Life and Leadership Coaching

SoulFull Life University, co-founded by two members of our community, Cheryl Robertson and Kateryna Pyatybratova recently won a contract with the DC Housing Authority (DCHA) to design and deliver for its DYB Summer Youth Employment Program and its Commitment to Excellence Scholarship Program (one of the former DC Government program participants is pictured above).

The program will support around 80 and 25 young people, respectively, and will cover such topics as professional growth, wellness and belonging through a series of interactive trainings and peer learning sessions.

"The Church of the Holy City community has been instrumental in supporting this work," says Kateryna. "Both Sheri Smith and Shalonda Ingram, who joined me in the Spiritual Entrepreneurship Mastermind Pilot last year, will c0-facilitate aspects of the programing, while Rich has been a part of our Brain Trust from the beginning. And none of this work would have been possible without my 'soulpartner and dear friend Cheryl."

The mission of SoulFull Life University is to reimagine the education system by supporting inner and outer growth of teens and young adults through life and leadership coaching.

Thank you to the CHC for 'praying' this vision into being.

Emotional Tribute to the Victims of Gun Violence

"Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to say or sing, writes singer/songwriter Lea (pictured above). "My heart is with anyone touched by gun violence."

Hear Lea's performance: 


Supporting artists like Lea is an extension of the broader community outreach that members of the Church of The Holy City are involved in.

"I am honored to know Lea's vocal ministry through my engagement with Centers for Spiritual Living, and to have presented her talents at Three Whistles in Arlington," says Shalonda Ingram, founder of the Nursha Project, and a place-maker in our community. "It is my sincere hope that Lea's new song supports you with humanizing and harmonizing in your communities during these devastating times."

   In the News This Week:

'The First Amendment Created Gay America'


By: James Kirchick


Rich Tafel and Urvashi Vaid had almost nothing in common. 

Tafel is a white Christian minister, an entrepreneur, and the founder of the Log Cabin Republicans, the leading group for gay and lesbian GOPers. Vaid, who died earlier this month at the age of 63, was an Indian-born progressive activist and a former director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the “intersectional” wing of the gay-rights movement. 

During their heyday in the 1990s, when issues like gays in the military, gays in the Boy Scouts, government funding for HIV-AIDS research, and same-sex marriage dominated headlines, the buttoned-down Tafel and the crunchy Vaid perfectly embodied their respective factions of that amorphous constituency known as the “LGBT community.”

But despite their many differences, this unlikely pair was united by a then-radical notion: that, as Tafel put it, “gays and lesbians deserved the right to live their lives as they wanted to.” Neither had any illusions about the other. “She knew I opposed her post-modern progressive Marxist agenda for the movement,” Tafel told me in an email, “and she opposed what she saw as my hetero-normative, neoliberal agenda, but we genuinely liked each other.” 

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