Church of the Holy City, Washington DC is looking for a part-time church administrator to provide on-site management of the day- to-day operations of the church.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Church Administrator

·      Works with the minister and church, officers to develop a budget, pay bills and manage cash flow using QuickBooks making payroll for all employees.

·      Coordinates with the church Rental Manager and Wedding Coordinator to ensure there are no conflicts in building use by coordinating with the online program Peerspace.

·      Coordinates with pastor and officers to produce annual grant proposals.

·      Produce a weekly online newsletter using Constant Contact with input from the pastor.

·      Produces a weekly Sunday service bulletin.

·      Ensures that the church building is secured and well-maintained by contacting repairmen and overseeing their work.

·      Maintains all insurance policies associated with the church.

·      Schedules the cleaning crew and landscapers.

·      Prepares online weekly worship set-up on Zoom.

·      Works with Kastle security to manage alarms.

·      Coordinates with the church’s website manager and pastor to keep the site up to date.


Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

·      At least three-years experience expertise using QuickBooks with knowledge of Constant Contact and Zoom.

·      Track record of completing repetitive processes from start to finish and being capable of multitasking.

·      Enjoy engaging with diverse people.

·      At least three years’ experience working in a church office or nonprofit organization.

·      References showing excellent interpersonal and leadership skills.

Work Time, Environment and Salary

·      Spends time in a private, climate-controlled office.

·      Works flexible hours of 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

·      The salary of a church administrator is $2000 monthly, $24,000 annually.

·      Reports to the church pastor weekly.

If interested, please send your CV to the minister at Please no calls or texts.